Ergonomic Workstation Assessments

Conducting baseline and periodic ergonomic assessments for computer users illustrates a company‚Äôs commitment to managing health risks to not only their tradesmen but to also their office based staff. Working for Health occupational health practitioners work with computer uses individually and explore relevant health/injury history, work methods, work environment as well the actual workstation itself during an ergonomic computer workstation assessment. Adjustments or recommendations are made in accordance with best practice. 

Ergonomic workstation assessment are not limited to desk users either. A workstation could be any work space, bench, area or vehicle where a worker is required to work at for a length of time. 

We recommend that baseline computer workstation assessments are conducted as soon after the start of employment for new office staff. We further advise that office staff have a follow-up assessment if they move or have significant changes to their workstations. An urgent ergonomic computer workstation assessment should be conducted for any staff member who reports discomfort or sustains an injury.

These are some of the options we offer for workstation assessment:

  • baseline assessments for new staff
  • periodic re-assessment every one to two years
  • following reports of discomfort
  • following both work and non-work injury
  • follow-up post implementation of recommendations
  • vehicle workstation assessments
  • heavy machinery operators workstation assessments
  • factory or assembly line workstation assessments