Asbestos Clearance Assessment

Asbestos was historically and extensively used in commercial, industrial and residential buildings. When that asbestos is disturbed during refurbishment, DIY, demolition or even from deterioration, this can release tiny hazardous asbestos fibres. Breathing in these fibres poses risk to human health such as asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma.

Following removal, we can confirm that asbestos has been satisfactorily removed (Clearance Assessment). In some cases, obtaining a Clearance Certificate from an Asbestos Assessor is necessary to meet Regulatory requirements before an area can be reoccupied following asbestos removal. Working for Health have a team of Asbestos Assessors who meet WorkSafe’s competency requirements as set out in the Asbestos Regulations 2016 for either Class A and Class B asbestos removal work. We use independent IANZ accredited laboratories, calibrated equipment and WorkSafe approved methods. If you would like to know more about Working for Health’s asbestos sampling and clearance services or have any other enquiry about asbestos, please get in touch with us.