Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral which was once used in a variety of applications for its heat and chemical resistant properties. Consequently, many buildings constructed prior to the 1980s have asbestos containing materials within them. Due to the tiny size of asbestos fibres, when they get airborne they are easily inhaled. Once inside the body, the fibres go on to cause irreversible and ongoing damage.

If you suspect there is asbestos in your home or workplace we can have samples analysed to determine whether those fibres are present.  One of our expert Asbestos Assessors can also test the air quality to assess whether or not there has been any risk to those who have been in an affected area.  If you have had asbestos removed, clearance monitoring is required to ensure that the air levels are within acceptable limits and that you can safely reoccupy the area.

What we offer

The types of asbestos sampling and testing methods you require will depend on your specific situation. Our team of experts can advise you on an appropriate sampling strategy which may include any of the following:

  • background air monitoring
  • air monitoring for occupational exposure
  • clearance sampling of the air post asbestos removal
  • soil testing
  • dust testing
  • testing of material suspected of containing asbestos


"Working for Health was engaged by B.E.C.A. consultants on the DC6 site at Fonterra Whareroa in Hawera, to provide a site occupational health nurse for the project. The nurse visited the site twice a month, engaging our work crew in a number of health issues. Our work crew was made up of mainly middle aged men, most were smokers. The nurse was very successful, having 3 of the 11 smokers give up smoking and a further 2 have cut back. The professionalism of the nurse throughout the project has been outstanding and I would not hesitate in recommending Working for Health to any company for health service."  
Bruce Watson
Contract Site Supervisor and HSE Rep at Fulton Hogan
"MODEC Management Services New Zealand (Operators of the Maari Oil Field) have used Working for Health, for over 2 years, and have always found the team to be very professional in their approach to Occupational Health. MODEC use Working for Health for the following: Annual Health Assessments, Pre and Post employment Medicals, Noise Mapping and Specific Atmosphere Monitoring. MODEC has always found the team to be very prompt in their response. Furthermore, they have also been flexible with the challenges of working offshore."  
Morgan Davies
HSSEQ and Training Coordinator, HSSEQ at MODEC Management Services (NZ) Pte Ltd