Health Risk Assessments

We can undertake for you a detailed Health Risk Assessment (HRA) for all tasks and processes that could potentially pose a health risk to your staff. This process involves review of existing procedures, review of SDSs, interviews with key staff, direct task observations, environmental sampling and data analysis.

The first step in the process is to identify exactly what potential health hazards exist and then to identify what sub-groups of individuals are at risk of being exposed. Once we have this information we would then intend to develop a programme for baseline exposure monitoring. The data acquired from the baseline exposure monitoring will be used to assess effectiveness and appropriateness of existing controls and to establish a plan going forward for ongoing exposure and health monitoring. This work would be conducted by one of our Working for Health consultants and may also involve the use of other external experts.

As with health monitoring, comprehensive reports will be provided following any exposure monitoring completed. Reports will serve to outline and prioritise risks as well as any recommendations for improvement. Moreover, the results of the initial exposure monitoring and risk assessments can be used to form an ongoing exposure sampling strategy and control monitoring program where appropriate. The report also details recommendations for any health monitoring including the frequency that such assessments should be undertaken.