Pre-Employment Health Assessments

By carrying out pre-employment health assessments on prospective staff, your business is ensuring the minimisation of training and recruitment costs as you are establishing whether a prospective employee is suitable for your workplace.  This helps to prevent workplace harm caused by injury or accidents which, in turn, minimises lost work time. 

Ruling out issues prior to employment can save you considerable productivity and financial losses down the track should an individual become injured in a position they were not physically or psychologically suitable to undertake. The assessment involves obtaining the candidates health and injury history and undertaking health screening tests as required by your specific industry and workplace risks. Pre-employment health assessment results also serve as baseline medical data to compare with your required annual medical health data.

Our pre-employment health assessments:

  • Establish if a prospective worker is suitable for the proposed role
  • Establish if there are levels of impairment causing substances in the applicants body through drug & alcohol screening
  • Record all existing health & injury history, protecting your workplace from future liability
  • Establish a health baseline for periodic (annual) health monitoring data to be compared with to evaluate control effectiveness and legal compliance
  • Are tailored to your specific business requirements
  • Ensure you meet your obligations for baseline health monitoring

The types of pre-employment health tests your workers will require depends on your business specific health risks. A comprehensive health risk assessment undertaken by one of our expert health and safety consultants is recommended to ensure all your health risks are identified.

The Process

Prospective employees undertake a medical assessment which can include any of the following:

  • health & exposure details questionnaire
  • audiometry (hearing) test
  • spirometry (lung function) test
  • vision assessment
  • musculoskeletal assessment
  • fitness assessment
  • blood pressure
  • skin assessment
  • cholesterol check
  • blood sugar check
  • height 
  • weight
  • BMI (body mass index)
  • heart rate & rhythm
  • oxygen saturation 
  • mini-mental health check
  • epworth sleepiness scale
  • fatigue assessment
  • urinalysis
  • drug test
  • chest x-rays

Other health assessments are available if required. 


"Working for Health was engaged by B.E.C.A. consultants on the DC6 site at Fonterra Whareroa in Hawera, to provide a site occupational health nurse for the project. The nurse visited the site twice a month, engaging our work crew in a number of health issues. Our work crew was made up of mainly middle aged men, most were smokers. The nurse was very successful, having 3 of the 11 smokers give up smoking and a further 2 have cut back. The professionalism of the nurse throughout the project has been outstanding and I would not hesitate in recommending Working for Health to any company for health service."  
Bruce Watson
Contract Site Supervisor and HSE Rep at Fulton Hogan
"MODEC Management Services New Zealand (Operators of the Maari Oil Field) have used Working for Health, for over 2 years, and have always found the team to be very professional in their approach to Occupational Health. MODEC use Working for Health for the following: Annual Health Assessments, Pre and Post employment Medicals, Noise Mapping and Specific Atmosphere Monitoring. MODEC has always found the team to be very prompt in their response. Furthermore, they have also been flexible with the challenges of working offshore."  
Morgan Davies
HSSEQ and Training Coordinator, HSSEQ at MODEC Management Services (NZ) Pte Ltd